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Sanajiit Project

The Sanajiit Project for Nunavik apprentice and journeyperson construction workers is focused on developing a strong and autonomous regional construction workforce through the delivery of work placement and training services. The Sanajiit Project is operated by the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) from its main office in Kuujjuaq. It delivers services in all the communities of Nunavik.

The following training courses are offered:

Health and safety on construction sites
o    This training course is mandatory for anyone working on a construction site. The law requires construction workers to possess this certification.

Prerequisite: aged 16 or older.

Carpentry skills, level 1 / summer skills
o    This training course provides an introduction to the carpentry trade with in-class and on-site components. Certain construction-related mathematical concepts are reviewed and participants construct a shed.

Prerequisite: less than 1000 CCQ-registered work hours.

Carpentry skills, level 2
o    This training course involves more in-depth learning about the carpentry trade with in-class and on-site components. Through the construction of a small cabin, participants explore concepts such as roofing and insulating, among many others. The in-class component provides a review of certain carpentry-related mathematical concepts.

Prerequisite: more than 500 CCQ-registered work hours or completion of the Carpentry Skills, Level 1 training course.

Advanced skills; Understanding the construction sector.
o    This training course covers many important topics related to the construction industry. Participants learn how to manage their apprentice card issued by the Commission de la construction du Québec (CCQ), their pension plan, their MÉDIC Construction card, and other important matters. Mathematical concepts related to the construction industry are also reviewed.

Prerequisite: more than 500 CCQ-registered work hours.

Interior finishing
o    This training course was developed for construction workers who want to develop their skills in carpentry. It involves learning how to perform more delicate tasks, such as door, shelf and flooring installation.

Prerequisite: more than 1000 CCQ-registered work hours.

Other activities offered by the Sanajiit Project:

On-the-job training
o    Every year, the On-the-Job Training Program delivered by the KRG Sustainable Employment Department helps up to 130 Inuit construction apprentices to find jobs and develop their skills in the construction trades. Throughout the construction season, the apprentices are paired with certified journey people who provide instruction on the diverse skills required to become a good construction worker. This training is recorded in an apprenticeship booklet assigned to each worker.

Introduction to construction trades
o    Twice a year, the Sanajiit Project and the Kativik School Board offer the Introduction to Construction Trades training course to groups of high school students. Fifteen students are invited to travel to Inukjuak to visit the Nunavimmi Pigiursavik Training Centre, where they are introduced to different construction trades, such as carpentry, plumbing and heating, welding and heavy equipment mechanics. The students also participate in a carpentry project involving the construction of a wooden toolbox.

Special projects
o    The Sanajiit Project also participates in special projects. On request, a work team can be assembled to work on a project in your community. The latest special project involved the construction of a bus shelter next to the cooperative store in Inukjuak.

In addition to work placement and training services, the Sanajiit Project can help construction workers with the management of industry documentation, including mainly CCQ correspondence concerning the pension fund, life insurance, MÉDIC Construction (private insurance plan), etc.

Follow-up on CCQ-registered work hours and acquired skill levels, as well as file updating (example, following the achievement of a diploma of vocational studies) are among the many other services delivered by the Sanajiit Project.


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