Kativik Regional Government

Lands and Regional Planning

Pursuant to mandate B.15 of the Sivunirmut Agreement, the KRG ensures the delivery of assistance and training to northern villages in the following fields: legal affairs, management and municipal accounting, land use planning and development of the territory, as well as engineering. The Department is responsible for delivery of the third component: technical assistance concerning the development of municipal territories and other land-use related issues.

Guide for construction in Nunavik

Form A: Application Form for Development Permit from NV (for companies)

Form B: Application Form for Development Permit from NV (for individuals)

Form C: Application Form for Authorization from LHC

Form D: Report of Natural Material Extracted

Form E: Land use Activities in  Category II and III Lands


* For Application Forms related to Landholdings, please refer to the Landholdings websites.