Kativik Regional Government

General Information

The Regional and Local Development Department (RLD) provides an essential link between the economic development strategies of the provincial and federal governments and the region’s businesses and social economy enterprises. It is also closely involved in community socio-economic planning and project implementation. The Department’s activities fall under three main sectors: regional development, local development and business development.

The Department is largely funded by the Québec government through the Agreement concerning Block Funding for the Kativik Regional Government (Sivunirmut Agreement). Additional funding is provided by various Québec government departments, as well as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). The Department this year participated in discussions with the Makivik Corporation and AANDC concerning the possibility of multi-year funding for regional business start-up and expansion activities and opportunities and front-line economic development services.

KRG RLD department economic development funding and financing programs January 2016


Nunivaat Nunavik in Figures 2015