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Nunavik Rocks Music Program

What is the Nunavik Rocks Music Program?

The Nunavik Rocks Music Program is designed for Nunavimmiut having limited music experience and who wish to develop as musician while getting involved in their community. Although Nunavik Rocks is intended to target primarily youth (both students and those no longer attending school), activities will be open to Nunavimmiut of all ages.

The workshops will offer introductory drum, guitar and bass guitar lessons. They will be organized for different age groups mostly after school and at convenient locations. A greater diversity of instruments and lessons, such as piano, accordion, voice, and possibly light and audio techniques, might also be offered in the future, depending on available funding, scheduling and resources. The Recreation Department of the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) is responsible for the implementation of the program.


Social Mission

Through a social music teaching approach, the Nunavik Rocks Music Program proposes to increase accessibility and interest for music by training local Inuit musicians. The quality and adapted training for small groups of budding Inuit musicians is delivered by instructors and professional musicians under the coordination of the KRG Recreation Department music advisor. According to their individual training, budding Inuit musicians will then share this knowledge within their community by teaching music enthusiasts to play a variety of musical instruments.

Nunavik Rocks is opening doors for participants to the vast universe of music, encouraging them to explore their boundaries, broaden their expressive capabilities and take inspiration from their music idols. By fostering Inuit culture, a sense of creative expression, self-esteem and perseverance, the Nunavik Rocks Music Program promotes positive lifestyle choices among participants and meaningful contributions to their communities.


Autonomy and Sustained Inuit Cultural Heritage

With a view to developing independent music programs in every community, music instructors will visit interested communities to provide training to local musicians and enable them to foster their local programs independently.

In 2017, the KRG Recreation Department music advisor plans to conduct visits to few Nunavik communities to assess interest in the Nunavik Rocks Music Program and to continue identifying talented local musicians.


Partnership – A Prerequisite for the Success of the Nunavik Rocks Music Program

The importance of support from various regional and local organizations cannot be understated. This support is making the Program and its focus on youth sustainable. The list of Nunavik Rocks partners and brief descriptions of their generous contributions will be announced soon.


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