Kativik Regional Government

Water Safety

Marine search and rescue situations in Nunavik are extremely challenging: the region is remote, consisting of 2 500 kilometres of coastline and many uncharted waters. The Section therefore works with each community to ensure effective, well-trained local search and rescue resources to operate the fast rescue craft jointly purchased by the KRG and the Makivik Corporation in 2004. Since 2011, marine SAR training that meets Transport Canada safety standards has been coordinated for more than 50 local captains and crew. Due to the financial constraints faced by the northern villages, the KRG assumes responsibility for the costs of annual insurance for fast rescue craft, annual outboard motor maintenance and a regular outboard motor replacement program.

As well, the Section continues to promote safe boating awareness among the region’s residents, by distributing information posters and stickers in the communities as well as encouraging local hunter support programs to make available appropriate marine safety equipment.