Kativik Regional Government

General Information

The primary mandate of the Municipal Public Works Department is to assist the communities to secure the infrastructure and equipment necessary for their development and to assume all related responsibilities. All of the Department’s activities in this respect are performed in close co-operation with the northern villages, whose participation is essential to their success. As well, the Department provides technical assistance and delivers training to municipal staff with a view to increasing their level of knowledge in fields that are relevant to municipal activities and making the northern villages more autonomous.

The Department also oversees the implementation of several programs and projects under agreements with the governments, including the Isurruutiit Program for municipal infrastructure improvements, the Gasoline Tax and Québec Contribution Program, the Pivaliutiit Program for community infrastructure development, and the Road Paving Project.

Funding for the capital projects carried out by the Department is drawn from various agreements concerning the programs and projects listed above. Funding for the Department’s operations is drawn from the project management fees charged by the KRG under these agreements, as well as under the Agreement concerning Block Funding for the Kativik Regional Government (Sivunirmut Agreement).