Kativik Regional Government

General Information

The main role of the Legal, Socio-Judicial and Municipal Management Department is to ensure that the legal transactions of the KRG comply with the law. Specifically, the Department participates with KRG department directors and the director general in the negotiation and drafting of agreements with the departments and agencies of the federal and provincial governments. It prepares the resolutions and ordinances to be adopted by the KRG Council as well as the resolutions to be adopted by the Executive Committee. The Department drafts the contracts to be signed by the KRG and oversees all calls for tenders for the purchase of goods and services. Finally, it provides legal advice and support to the KRG Council, the Executive Committee and the organization’s other departments.

In addition to these activities, the Department administers the insurance portfolios of the KRG and the northern villages. It is responsible for the legal affairs as well as management and municipal accounting components of the Technical Assistance Program. The Department coordinates the Offence Management Bureau, the Sapummijiit Crime Victims Assistance Centre and the Inuit Community Reintegration Officers Program. As well, it participates on the Working Group on Justice in Nunavik. Further the Department sits on various committees concerned with the justice sector.

The Department co-operates with the Makivik Corporation on the implementation of certain aspects of the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement and, from time to time, submits to the KRG Council proposed legislative amendments, mainly concerning the Act respecting Northern Villages and the Kativik Regional Government so that it may better meet the needs of Nunavimmiut. Approved proposals are submitted to the Québec government.

Funding for the Department is drawn from agreements with different government departments and from the Agreement concerning Block Funding for the Kativik Regional Government (Sivunirmut Agreement), as well as from administration fees charged by the KRG under various agreements the organization has with both levels of government.