Kativik Regional Government

Human Resources

The Human Resources Section coordinates all KRG labour files. More specifically, it delivers advice, technical assistance and coaching to managers, as well as contributing to the implementation of the organization’s mandates through employee recruitment, retention, training and upgrading. The Section is also responsible for issues related to remuneration, benefits, employee and councillor group insurance, collective-agreement negotiations and implementation, as well as the application of labour laws.

For the human resources necessary to deliver all the programs and services covered under its various agreements with both levels of government, the KRG employs a large workforce with qualifications in a wide variety of fields. KRG departments and the Kativik Regional Police Force employ more than 400 employees. More specifically, the KRG consists of 340 staff (employees and managers), including 207 Inuit representing 61% of the workforce. Fifty-five per cent of this workforce is employed in Kuujjuaq and 45% in the other villages. For its part, the Kativik Regional Police Force consists of 73 staff (officers, managers and civilian personnel), including five Inuit representing 7% of the workforce of the Kativik Regional Police Force. Thirty-two per cent of this workforce is based in Kuujjuaq (headquarters and regular detachment) and 68% in the other northern villages.