Kativik Regional Government

Gasoline Program

The Gasoline Program delivers meaningful support to subsistence harvesters by facilitating their access to hunting and fishing areas. Harvesting activities are of crucial importance for Nunavik Inuit, generating an important source of food and contributing to Inuit cultural identity. Country food is moreover recognized for its high nutritional value. Beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement who present their beneficiary discount cards are eligible to receive a 40¢ per litre discount on personal gasoline purchases.


The high price of gasoline in the region is due, in part, to additional costs incurred for the transportation of fuel from the south to Nunavik communities and, in part, to additional costs incurred for the financing of annual fuel stocks. The annual fuel supply to each community must be carried out during the short summer months when marine shipping lanes are ice free. Federal and provincial taxes are applied after transportation and financing costs have been added to the price paid for the gasoline by local distributers.


Consult the FAQ document for more details on beneficiary discount cards.


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