Kativik Regional Government

Food and Other Essentials Program

Food and Other Essentials Program

The Food and Other Essentials Program provides discounts for all Nunavimmiut of between 20 and 40% on over 1500 food, personal care, household, clothing and footwear products, as well as some camping supplies purchased in Nunavik stores. The discounts aim to bring the costs of the eligible food and non-food items more in line with the prices paid for the same items in southern Québec. Items covered under the Program include:

  • tea, butter, lard and flour;
  • vegetable and fruit juice;
  • canned meat, vegetables and fruit;
  • peanut butter, sugar, ketchup and cereal;
  • baby-care products, soap, laundry detergent and toilet paper;
  • clothing and footwear;
  • camping fuel and snowmobile oil.


Consult the complete list of eligible items and applicable discounts under the Food and Other Essentials Programs.


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