Kativik Regional Government

KRG highlights the importance of hiring more Inuit workers at the Nunavik Mining Workshop

May 2, 2019- The Kativik Regional Government continues to play a major role in the hiring of Inuit in the Nunavik mining sector. As one of the participants at the Kautaapikkut Strategic Table, the KRG supports the objective of increasing the hiring of Inuit to improve their livelihood and well-being.

During the Nunavik Mining Workshop held in Kuujjuaq from April 30 to May 2 the KRG’s Assistant Director of Programs for Sustainable Development Victoria Gordon said the main priority is to increase the Inuit workforce in the mining sector over the next 15 years. “Particular attention will be given to hiring young workers and women,” Ms. Gordon said.
During her presentation at the workshop, Ms. Gordon said that the number of Inuit hired by the two main mining companies at Glencore Raglan Mine and Canadian Royalties increased from 164 to 290 between 2014 and 2019.
Ms. Gordon said that the challenge for the future would be to ensure that more companies working in the mining sector commit themselves to hiring Inuit workers.
Because of these findings, the Kautaapikkut Strategy Table has created a new team that will be readily available to develop training and increase the number of Inuit working for the contractors at the mines.  Roxanne Boulay who presented on behalf of both mining companies, is the Coordinator for Inuit Employment for Mine Contractors Raglan Mine and Canadian Royalties, she will be onsite at the mines to provide support to the various contractors.
The KRG has invested millions of dollars over the years to ensure the hiring, training, retention and promotion of Inuit workers in Nunavik. The Sustainable Employment Department provides significant funding contributions towards job creation and training initiatives.
The KRG is committed to the well-being of Inuit youth and families. The KRG remains committed to supporting and funding several projects and initiatives aimed at improving the livelihood of Nunavik residents.  
For more information about the KRG and the Sustainable Employment Department’s role in promoting a strong and dedicated Inuit workforce visit http://www.krg.ca/krg-departments/sustainable-employment/employment-training.