Kativik Regional Government

$115.8 million to reduce the cost of living in Nunavik

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Québec City, April 10, 2019 – Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs Sylvie D’Amours took advantage of her visit to Nunavik to announce the renewal of the Agreement on the Financing of Measures to Reduce the Cost of Living in Nunavik between the Québec government, the Kativik Regional Government and Makivik Corporation.

Under the agreement, the government will pay the Kativik Regional Government $115.8 million over six years to implement a series of measures to reduce the cost of living of Nunavik residents, improve the socioeconomic conditions of the most disadvantaged, and promote a healthy way of life that takes into consideration Inuit culture and traditions by encouraging subsistence activities.

According to a study conducted by Université Laval, the comparative cost of living index between Nunavik and Québec City reveals that, overall, the cost of living is 28.7% higher in Nunavik.


“Nunavik lies completely outside the major food or commercial distribution networks. The absence of roads and the harsh climate considerably increase the cost of goods and services, which greatly increases the burden that Nunavik families bear. The government’s financial assistance is thus essential to maintain and improve living conditions in Nunavik. I am indeed pleased to make this announcement.”

Sylvie D’Amours, Minister Responsible for Indigenous Affairs

“This program is critical to the well-being of Nunavimmiut, where many don’t get enough to eat. In partnership with the Québec government and Makivik Corporation, the Kativik Regional Government continues to play a leading role in helping Nunavik families. This program contributes to reducing the price of essential goods and food as well as the cost of transportation while encouraging the continued consumption of traditional foods and helping to lighten the financial burden on elders.”

Jennifer Munick, President, Kativik Regional Government