Kativik Regional Government

Nunivaat Update, First Quarter of 2018

Based on a long history of cooperation between the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and Université Laval, Nunivaat was established in 2005 as a permanent, public and independent statistics program on the socioeconomic situation of Nunavik. Nunivaat is directed by Université Laval and funded by the KRG.

•    Cost of Living – The Cost of Living in Nunavik in 2016, Research Report – Revised and Expanded Version was released. The electronic version can be found on the Nunivaat website. This report contains the cost-of-living indexes calculated under the second phase of the survey. These results were presented during the sitting of the Council of the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) in Kuujjuaq recently.
•    Toward a Permanent Reduction Program – The Nunivaat team is continuing to work in co-operation with the KRG, the Makivik Corporation and the Québec government in order to support discussions regarding a permanent cost-of-living reduction program.  
•    Ad Hoc Activity – As part of the Nunavik Regional Health Plan, members of the Nunivaat team met with representatives of the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services to provide help regarding the data required for a project on Nunavik hospital needs.
During the first quarter of 2018, 85 tables were added to Nunivaat.org. These tables are from the 2016 Census, with the exception of the population decree which is published by the Québec government. Moreover, Census profiles for Nunavik as a whole, which are unique to Nunivaat, were published. These new tables contain data on the following indicators:
    •    Population decree 2018 - 1 table (all of Nunavik)

    •    Dwellings - 28 tables (2 tables for each village)

    •    Language of work - 14 tables (1 table for each village)

    •    Labour - 28 tables (2 tables for each village)

    •    Nunavik total population Census profiles - 14 tables (all of Nunavik) on census topics (marital status, households and families, education, income, work, mobility, language, etc.)
•    NEW PUBLICATIONS – These publications have recently been added to Nunivaat.org both in English and French:
    •    (2018) The Cost of Living in Nunavik in 2016, Research Report – Revised and Expanded Version, Robitaille, J., E., Guénard and G. Duhaime, Canada Research Chair on Comparative Aboriginal Condition, Université Laval, Québec, 23 p. + appendices

    •    (2017) Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: Key results from the 2016 Census, The Daily, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Released Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 11 p.

    •    (2017) Early motherhood among off-reserve First Nations, Métis and Inuit women, Insights on Canadian Society, Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Catalogue no. 75-006-X, 10 p.
•    RECAST OF NUNIVAAT.ORG – The recast of Nunivaat.org has started. A new design is being set up and the technology supporting the website is being updated. In parallel, new content, including a section devoted to data analysis, is being developed. The new version of Nunivaat.org will be released later this year.