Kativik Regional Government

The Consul General of the United States in Quebec City visited Kuujjuaq

The Consul General of the United States in Quebec City, Mrs. Allison Areias-Vogel, visited Kuujjuaq and met various representatives from the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and other organizations on November 15 to 17, 2017.

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On her arrival on November 15, she was welcomed by the Mayor of Kuujjuaq and Member of the Executive Committee of the KRG Tunu Napartuk. Mrs. Areias-Vogel later attended the gala for the 25th anniversary of the Sustainable Employment Department of the KRG. The next day, she met with the Chief of the Kativik Regional Police Force, Michel Martin and the newly sworn constable Pamela Stevenson. The Consul was then greeted by the Chairperson of the KRG, Jennifer Munick, in the KRG main office. Mrs. Areias-Vogel finished her visit on Thursday with stops at the Recreation and the Renewable Resources, Environment, Lands and Parks departments of the KRG.