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Press Release: KRG Sustainable Employment Department Celebrated 25th Anniversary with Mapping the Way Symposium

Kuujjuaq, November 17, 2017 –The Sustainable Employment Department of the Kativik Regional Department (KRG) held the Mapping the Way Symposium in Kuujjuaq to celebrate its 25th anniversary, from November 15th to 17th. For the occasion, over 100 participants from the KRG, various organizations of the region, as well as both federal and provincial governments attended the presentations and workshops on topics such as equitability, construction, social economy and human resources.

Jennifer Munick speech


The Sustainable Employment Department was created in 1992 and had since developed a unique expertise in delivering a wide range of services and programs, some on behalf of the federal and provincial governments, including employment and income support, administration of childcare, workforce and youth programs.
The Symposium was a great opportunity for the participants to discuss different aspects and actions for the future such as improving recruitment as well as increasing the training offered and the mobility of the workforce within the region.

 “Our services and programs are designed to meet the unique needs of Inuit and are delivered in Inuktitut by the hardworking staff of the KRG in the 14 communities,” said KRG Chairperson Jennifer Munick during the symposium. “Recruiting and retaining employees is always a challenge for Nunavik organizations and employers. For us, the solution lies in continuing to develop our local Inuit workforce, increasing our human capital, as we must find innovative ways to be more attractive as organizations and employers.”


“From the beginning and still today, our strong partnerships and funding agreements with the federal and provincial governments and regional organisations have enabled us to perform important work,” continued Sustainable Employment Director Lydia Watt. “We’re proud of our capabilities and we’re eager to deliver as many programs as possible locally”.


Since it was established, the KRG has been providing tools to support Inuit economic and social development in line with Section 29 of the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement.


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The Kativik Regional Government is a non-ethnic public organization created in 1978, under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement. The organization has jurisdiction over nearly the entire territory of Québec north of the 55th parallel in areas such as municipal matters, transportation, the environment, policing, employment, labour training, income security, childcare services, renewable resources, land-use planning, civil security and economic development.