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Press Release: KRG and KRPF Participate to Specific Consultation on Cannabis in Quebec City

Kuujjuaq, Québec, October 6, 2017 ─ On September 29th, in Quebec City, the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and the Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF) took part in a specific consultation on the regulation of cannabis for Inuit and First Nations held by the Quebec government. Three main themes were discussed during the session:
•    Prevention, awareness and health effects;
•    Marketing, sales model, and use sites;
•    Safety.

The federal government is currently proposing that the minimum age for purchasing cannabis would be set at 18 years of age and that selling to a minor should be subject to penalties. Also, personal cultivation of cannabis would be allowed (maximum 4 plants) and 30 grams would be a maximum amount of recreational cannabis that an individual could possess.

"The challenges we will be facing with the new federal law on cannabis are numerous and very complex," stated KRG Chairperson Jennifer Munick. "However, this consultation allowed Nunavik organizations and northern villages to voice their concerns and receive proper information. The discussions were constructive and offered us new insights on the regulation to be implemented in 2018."

"Our goal is to be adequately prepared when the law becomes effective next year," said KRPF Chief and Director of KRG’s Public Security department Michel Martin. "Significant prevention work will need to be done to ensure the security of Nunavimmiut and to minimize the impacts on public safety."

Following the decision of the federal government to legalize the use of recreational cannabis, the Government of Quebec first held regional and public consultations from August 21 to September 12, 2017. The provincial government also indicated its intention to introduce a bill in the National Assembly on cannabis regulation in Quebec this fall.  


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The KRG is a non-ethnic public organization created in 1978, under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement. The organization has jurisdiction over nearly the entire territory of Québec north of the 55th parallel in areas such as municipal matters, transportation, the environment, policing, employment, labour training, income security, childcare services, renewable resources, land-use planning, civil security and economic development.