Kativik Regional Government

Nunivaat Update, second quarter of 2017

Based on a long history of cooperation between the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and Université Laval, Nunivaat was established in 2005 as a permanent, public and independent statistics program on the socioeconomic situation of Nunavik. Nunivaat is directed by Université Laval and funded by the KRG.




NUNAVIK COST OF LIVING SURVEY –The results of the Nunavik Cost of Living Survey were presented to the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences IX 2017 in Umeå, Sweden.

COST OF LIVING PHASE II – The work on the COL database has begun and the whole process should be finished in the coming fall. A bridging mechanism has been settle down between the negotiation table and Université Laval in order to provide relevant information for the upcoming discussions and negotiations. 





For its 10th anniversary, the Nunivaat website will be completely updated with the most recent technologies and a new design. This operation will begin at the end of the summer and it should be finished at the end of the coming fall.


•    Total police interventions by Categories and villages, 2007-2016 – 1 table (KRPF)
•    Census Data Tables - 14 tables recently released showing age in single years and gender for each village. (2016 Census, Statistics Canada)


•    Population and Dwelling Counts –14 tables recently updated with age groups, gender and households and dwellings characteristics data for each village. (2016 Census Profiles, Statistic Canada)


NEW PUBLICATIONS – These publications have been recently added to Nunivaat both in English and French:
•    Déboursés, aides et dépenses destines aux Autochtones pour l’année 2011-2012, Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones, Gouvernement du Québec, 290 p
•    Déboursés, aides et dépenses destinés aux Autochtones pour l’année 2012-2013, Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones, Gouvernement du Québec, 238 p
•    The Cost of Living in Nunavik. Research Report – At the request of KRG, Department of Communication, 30 English copies and 30 French copies of the report have been reprint for future dissemination.