Kativik Regional Government

New survey to better understand how Nunavik residents use computers for work and home applications

January 27 2014, Kuujjuaq, Québec- Kativik Regional Government (KRG) has received a proposal to create an Inuktitut Operating System for people to install on their computers. KRG has commissioned Nordicity – a leading ICT consultancy - to provide an assessment of the potential socio-cultural impacts of that proposal for Nunavik residents. 

The purpose of this survey is to better understand what role Inuktitut plays in that interface and finally, whether the Inuktitut Operating System would have significant, positive impacts for Nunavik.

The survey is addressed to all residents of Nunavik and by providing your name, location and email address you'll be entered into a draw for winning an awesome prize!

  • Two (2) BRAND NEW iPod nano (16GB)!
  • Two names will be drawn at random at the close of the survey and the winners will be notified via email a few days later.

The survey is comprised of 7 questions and is estimated to take 5 minutes or less to complete.Your responses and information will be kept strictly confidential in accordance with market research standards.We ask that you provide your email address if possible, in the event our team needs to clarify survey responses.

Please complete this survey by February 10, 2014. You can participate here: http://fluidsurveys.com/s/ubuntu-in-inuktitut/

Our Contact Information:
Find out more about this project by visiting the Nordicity website.<http://www.nordicity.com/>
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Stuart Jack, Project Director   (613) 234-0120 Nordicity.

*If you have documents or additional information you would like to submit to this project (in addition to answering this questionnaire), please send them to .